Our vision is to equip, guide, and inspire our members to shine in their careers – professional or entrepreneurial.


We believe in keeping laser sharp focus on our vision. That helps us deliver on the promise – continuously and consistently. Hence, the three Ds strategy – Do it, Do it consistently, and Deliver value.

We provide value to our members by:

  • Organizing networking events. Bringing people together creates a opportunity to connect, share, and help. Speakers in these events present their experience and expertise with the members.
  • Provide guidance. Experienced members in the community offer guidance on aspects such as interviewing, resume writing, and career planning.
  • Conduct training programs. In addition to guidance, we offer training in the form of workshops. These workshops enable the members gain hands-on skills.
  • Offer mentoring/coaching. As they say even Tiger Woods needs a coach. Mentoring and coaching are indispensable at any level in one’s career. Mentors within the community and outside offer their services without or nominal cost.
  • Connect online. Social media channels such as Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have become an integral part of life. We have our presence in these channels to enable members connect and create value for each other.

Our Origins

In October 2016, while jogging around the beautiful East Bay, one of the team members hit upon the idea of forming a platform for the community. Networking is incredibly important in the current era. As someone said – your network is your net worth.

Based on the previous experience, a team was formed to execute on the idea. The effort got a head start as the team members were aligned on the vision and some had prior experience with building a community. The first event was set up for March 2017. It was a resounding success. We are proud to say that our first speaker was a lady. Ever since 2017, we have been having consistent monthly events. The community has been growing and activities getting richer by the day.